Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Very Special Tree

Several family members and friends have been telling me that this year Christmas will be so much fun with Lincoln, now that he's older.  Well, little did any of us know, but this Christmas is going to be extra special because this year Linc has his very own tree.  That's right.  We have two trees in our living room.

Last Saturday, Lincoln was invited to participate in The Children's Holiday Festival at a local hotel.  This special event benefitted St. Louis Children's Hospital and the highlight was decorated Christmas trees in honor of special SLCH patients.  Lincoln was among some 27 or so patients to be honored.

Lincoln was matched with a sponsor, who then decorated his tree with things Lincoln likes.  Saturday morning Lincoln, and some of his family members attended a reveal breakfast (myself, Dan, Grandma Vicki, Grandma Kathi, Grandpa Greg, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Drew, Uncle Pat and Aunt Jen) where Linc was able to meet his sponsor in person and was presented his tree.  All of the patient trees remained on display for a gala that evening benefiting the hospital.

Lincoln's sponsor was so kind, and a joy to meet.  Linc's tree was just beautiful, too!  I was having a really hard time holding back the tears as Linc took in the sight of his tree.  He was saying, "Car, car, car."  Over and over, as there are cars and trucks, and trains all over his tree, along with many colored balls, and different animals!

The whole room was breathtaking.  All of the trees were scattered around the dim room, all lit up.  There were even projected snowflakes dancing slowly around the walls of the ballroom.  Each tree was unique, just for each patient, and it was so wonderful to see all the individual likes of the featured patients.  There were also short bios of the patient next to each tree.  It was just as breathtaking to read all of the amazing patient stories.

The event was just so sweet and special, and we were so honored that Lincoln was chosen to receive a tree.  As far as I could tell, all of the patients were those who had come close to death and made it through.  It was a very touching breakfast.

The Monday after the event, this truck pulled up outside our house...

And in came Lincoln's tree, still decorated and all wrapped up in plastic.  The nice mover unpacked Linc's tree and set everything up for us.  They even had on little Santa hats!

We had put up our family Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and I thought about taking it down after learning that Lincoln's tree would be delivered afte the event.  I decided, though, that it would be just that much more special for Linc if we kept both up.  It was a tight squeeze in our little living room, but they both fit!

Lincoln cannot stop talking about the train topper on his tree.  He absolutely LOVES it!

There are plenty of cars on the tree, too.

And lots of "baou" (balls)

But this little puppy ornament has to be Linc's favorite.  This is always the first thing Lincoln points to on the tree.  Well, if he doesn't point to the Train on top first!

Lincoln just loves to look at his tree.  He has the biggest grin when he sees it.

I cannot wait to see Linc's face when he sees all the presents Santa brings and leaves under his tree.  How many boys can say they have had their very own tree?  Linc is definitely a very special little boy, and he has a very special tree.  It's going to be a very special Christmas, indeed.


  1. I LOVE this. Great picture-taking Dorothy. Lincoln looks so happy to have his own tree. Not very many kids can say they have their own BIG tree.

  2. Dorothy....
    I just discovered your Blog. I, too was born with a diaphragmatic hernia, among other birth defects. I am now 29 years old. I love, love, love to write!! And, I enjoy singing. It sets my soul free somehow. People say that I am good.... ;)
    Lincoln is adorable!! Beautiful in more ways than one. No, wait. As my phrase goes, he is Beautifully Unique!! ;-D
    I will be praying for Lincoln's continued good health!! ;)
    Keep posting. I want to watch Lincoln grow up!! ;-D
    How neat that he has his own Christmas tree!! I love the train "topper"!! ;)
    "I (we) shouldn't be alive... unless it were for a reason." ~Tony Stark

  3. Dorothy....
    There have not been any new Blog posts lately!! :-(
    I am missing Lincoln, my fellow Kindred Spirit CDH Friend!! ;-D
    I hope you are all staying well!! ;)

  4. Dorothy....
    Happy Valentine's Day!! ;-D

  5. Dorothy....
    Still missing Lincoln, my Kindred Spirit right-sided CDH Buddy!! I hope that he is staying healthy and thriving!! ;)

  6. Dorothy....
    There have not been any new Blog posts in 2013!! And it is March!! I am still missing Lincoln, my Kindred Spirit right-sided CDH Buddy!! I hope that he is staying healthy and thriving!! ;)

  7. Dorothy....
    Three months. Still waiting for a new Blog post about Lincoln, my fellow Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! I do hope that everything is alright!! ;)